Impact Stories

Your Gifts At Work

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Carle Health Center for Philanthropy. Learn more about how their gifts have made an impact.

A Farm for Generations

When doctors diagnosed Seth Warrick with throat cancer and told him surgery was the only option, he took his friends' advice and sought care at Carle. Seth's son, Willard, showed his appreciation for the care his father received at Carle by donating the land his great-grandfather purchased in 1850 in the Lincoln area. Willard officially stopped farming in 1975 but continued to rent the land and have it farmed until 1996, when he created a charitable gift annuity with Carle that gave him financial security throughout his lifetime.

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Honoring Great Healthcare

Opha and Homer Johnson regularly visited Champaign-Urbana to receive medical care at Carle. When Homer died of cancer in 1960, Opha made a provision in her will that gave Carle 120 acres of farmland in Sullivan. She simply asked that the gift support "research in the cure and treatment of cancer." Opha's gift played a major role in transforming Carle into a leading cancer research facility.

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Passion That Lasted a Lifetime – And Generosity That Continued Beyond

Mildred Schuler Sterling loved the beach, golfing and playing bridge. But her true passion was caring for older adults—and for making sure healthcare professionals had the best education to do so. And while she went halfway across the world in her early life and gained national renown during her career in Florida, her heart belonged to the hospital in Normal, IL, where she graduated nursing school. Her 2005 estate gift to the BroMenn Foundation, now Carle Center for Philanthropy, continues to have an outstanding impact on our community today.

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